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Global Generation Group

Founder and President

John Syron

Global Generation Group

Global Generation Group launched in September

2008 by John Syron, founder of what grew to be one of the largest privately held Automotive OEM manufacturing companies world wide, to provide solutions that integrate technology enhanced performance, risk reduction and unique capital solutions to help American Businesses.


The group boasts a strong group of  professionals with a long history of successfully building businesses from ideas into industry leaders from Manufacturing to Health Care.

Since its inception Global Generation Group has helped thousands of companies grow their market penetration, improve product manufacturing and distribution or service and dramatically increase profitability.

Global Generation Management team collectively has over 100 years of Business experience and ownership.

Global's reach extends from the largest Banking Institutions to the largest Corporations, the Largest Labor Unions and the largest Health Care providers in the World.

Detroit     Chicago    New York    Los Angeles

"Surround yourself with people you trust, seek help from professionals, work hard and never give up"

Thank you for getting involved in the support of the housing initiative in the city of Chicago and the funding of the building of homes for veterans throughout the United States.  Your assistance has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people who could not afford to own their own home if not for your funding and involvement.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Having failed to be able to meet production speeds with current procedures we turned to our trusted suppliers to assist in the design of an entirely new production process.   Of all of the multi billion dollar firms we worked with over the past year to design this new process we find your firm to be by far the best.  The products and procedures which you and your company developed for our use with the 150 and SuperDuty Truck Production directly lead to over $400 Million dollars per year in profit, dramatic build quality improvement,  substantial increased production volume and tremendous reduction in waste and energy usage.  In addition to meeting production requirements, the environmental benefits of using your process are enormous.  Please accept our highest award and thanks for your work.

Ford Motor Company

After the tragic loss of the lives of 3 employees, we needed to find a way to replace highly toxic solvents used in many processes by our members all over the US.  The worker safety and environmental concerns we expressed to you were all addressed to our satisfaction and beyond.  The company performance requirements were all exceeded.  You and your company out performed all of the fortune 500 companies approached by an immense amount.  You and your company were able to engineer environmentally sustainable, water based, non combustible products which replaced highly flammable, carcinogenic, toxic solvents without any change in performance.  Truly impressive.

United Autoworkers Union (UAW)


Leadership Development

Creating Consensus & Collaboration.


Aurelian Fund / Aurelian Capital

Low Cost Secured Funding of Construction and Stabilized Real Estate for Job Creation and Economic Growth

10M - 1B+


C Level and Government Official Advisory Consultation

Assisting Business and Government Officials in navigating the difficult areas of Business Finance Reform, The Science of Environmental Sustainability, International Trade Reform and Wall Street Regulations

Increase ROI

Consulting on all aspects of Business

Development of New Products / New Ventures

Unique Private and Public Capitalization

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Global Citizenship Educating Young Entreprenuers

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