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                                    A U R E L I A N  /  G L O B A L
                                                         PRIVATE SPECIALTY FINANCING


Aurelian  /  Global 
Managing Partner
John Syron

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Aurelian  /  Global  is a privately owned  financing firm providing private financing to large real estate developers world wide and specialty funding to individuals and businesses throughout the United States.  Aurelian  /  Global is the result of the marriage of Aurelian Capital, Global Generation and their partners bringing together tremendous resources and personnel to best serve our clients.


Aurelian Global's private fund working either alone or in concert with it's large fund and large family office partners can fund real estate projects of up to 500 Million USD for experienced developers with approved projects throughout the world.


Focusing on Transactional Real Estate Funding Aurelian Global provides Transactional Funding from 300,000 to

5 Million USD per transaction.  Transactions must be legal reviewed and closed simultaneously at an approved title company. 


Aurelian Global also specializes in Unsecured (No Collateral) Loans and Credit of between 100,000 and 500,000 dollars per client.  After launching their Unique and Highly Specialized Unsecured Program in 2008 Aurelian Global quickly grew to boast clients in every state and was able to help individuals, real estate investors and virtually every type of small and new businesses all over the country obtain funding without an asset or time in business requirement.

Aurelian  /  Global is able to provide funding for all of our clients and succeed where others fail due to our long term relationships with private lending groups, main street banks, credit unions, specialty lenders and perhaps most importantly Platinum Capital Group, an extremely well capitalized fund managed by Aurelian  /  Global's managing partner, John Syron.

"Surround yourself with people you trust, seek help from professionals, work hard and never give up"

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Leadership Development

Creating Consensus & Collaboration.


Aurelian Fund / Aurelian Capital

Low Cost Secured Funding of Construction and Stabilized Real Estate for Job Creation and Economic Growth

10M - 1B+


C Level and Government Official Advisory Consultation

Assisting Business and Government Officials in navigating the difficult areas of Business Finance Reform, The Science of Environmental Sustainability, International Trade Reform and Wall Street Regulations



Immediate Funding

300,000 - 5 Million per transaction

Simultaneous Close Transactions Only



Funding in as little as 5 days

Up to $500,000 for qualified clients

Typical Interest Rate 6.49 - 14.99

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Funding in as littLe as 14 days

Up to $150,000 in credit

Reports to business credit profile

Major Banking Institutions


Thank you Mr. Syron and Aurelian  /  Global for providing the funding program and millions of dollars of capital that resulted in the building of  hundreds of homes for veterans throughout the United States.   You and your companies initiative to provide  low interest construction financing to veterans in partnership with VA lenders who provided the after construction financing benefited thousands of veterans and their families.

Thank you for your capital investment, oversight and management which allowed this very beneficial program to exist.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Thank you and your team at Aurelian  /  Global for providing me the funding to start my business with your No Collateral Unsecured Program.  I was unable to get funding anywhere.  For many years, I tried to get a loan from banks, private lenders, credit unions ,,,,  all without any success.  I had completely given up on ever being able to start my business when I was referred to you by several people at Chase Bank and at Bank of America.  You helped me immensely.  Not only did you obtain and provide all the funding I needed, you treated me like a person instead of a number.  It was a tremendously refreshing experience.


Thank you for everything you have done to help me and others.  God bless you and your family.




Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  You and your staff at Aurelian  /  Global saved my business.  I have 10 stores which I was going to lose due to a foreclosure and shut down.   Although each store provides over $100,000 per year in profit I had a very large outstanding tax bill which I could not pay.  After doing everything possible to extend and mitigate we had arrived at the end.  Before I met you and all the people who work for you at  Aurelian  /  Global, I tried, without success, every possible avenue to borrow the money to pay this bill.  I was fortunate enough to be referred to you by one of my suppliers who you helped previously.  He spoke so highly of you and Aurelian  /  Global I had to call you.  You did everything you said you would do.  And you provided enough money for me to pay off the lien in full with your Unsecured No Collateral loan program.    This is a great program that everyone should take advantage of getting if they need money.  This should be everyone's first choice.  I would rather deal with you than any of the banks.   Thank you so much.  You literally saved my business.




Aurelian  /  Global Helps Businesses Reach
Their Goals

Transactional Funding

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