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Building American Economic Freedom

Global Founder and President

J o h n     S y r o n


Rebuilding the American Dream

John Syron was born in humble circumstances in a rough neighborhood in Detroit.  He beat all the odds and started his first business at 21. What he learned through his struggle helped him create one of the most inspiring success stories told. Starting with absolutely nothing, John built a multi-billion-dollar enterprise from the ground up based on manufacturing environmentally sustainable products in the United States for Automotive OEM and Steel Manufacturing World Wide. 

John Syron went from being laid off in Detroit at a time when there was a 20% unemployment rate, to building a multi-billion-dollar enterprise from scratch.   His company became a Tier One Automotive OEM supplier with a client list that grew to include General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Magna International, Nucor Steel and a partnership with Ford Motor Company. The company pioneered environmental sustainable practices in industrial manufacturing, solvent replacement with water based materials, water reclamation and recycling, and energy conservation. Together with its partners it  produced 2.8 Billion in profit, created over 200,000 new jobs and significantly reduced the energy consumption and waste associated with large scale manufacturing throughout the world.

John's reach extends from the rank and file employees to the heads of the most powerful Unions, from the heads of the most powerful corporations to the heads of the most powerful banks. His clients include where Ford Motor Company was created, where General Motors was created and where the UAW was created.  The relationships Mr. Syron forged helped him create Global Generation Group to provide American Businesses with creative solutions and innovative concepts to fuel their growth and assist them in reaching their full potential, profitability, sustainability and in economically and environmentally sustainable ways.



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