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Building American Economic Freedom

Rebuilding the American Dream

 --  Aurelian  /  Global  is a specialty financial firm specializing in providing capital solutions for real estate transactions requiring transactional lending up to 5 million dollars, and individuals or businesses owners seeking 100,000 - 500,000 dollars of unsecured money.  


 --  Founded in 2008 Aurelian Global delivers a small team of institutional investment bankers and lending professionals  with over 100 years of experience

--  Aurelian puts the client first and is dedicated to structuring transactions that exceed client expectations in all respects.

--  With over 40 years of Investment Banking, Lending, Real Estate Development experience and as the Founder/CEO of a major OEM Tier One international corporation, the Managing Partner of Aurelian  /  Global, John Syron, utilizes his life long associations with Main Street Banks, Private Institutions and his own Private Fund to provide capital for our clients.

--  Aurelian  /  Global utilizes its partnerships with with over 100 Main Street Banks,  Private  Banks and Specialty Lending Institutions to provide No Collateral 
( Unsecured ) Loans and Credit for our clients. 

--  Aurelian  /  Global has a close association with Platinum Capital, a private fund overseen by John Syron.  Mr. Syron and Platinum Capital have earmarked substantial capital exclusively for Aurelian  /  Global to provide immediate access to funding for all of

Aurelian  /   Global's Transactional lending clients. 


New York Office

Transactional Funding

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