• John Syron

Why It’s Time to Talk Honestly About Business Funding

There’s nothing more soul-crushing than telling smart, passionate business professionals you can’t help them. Over my 40 years as CEO of my company, I’ve found myself in this position far too often.

Money is a funny topic. While it is a make-or-break aspect of business, it seems like it has become a sensitive and even embarrassing subject for many entrepreneurs and business owners to discuss honestly. Unfortunately, I see this often leading them toward making the wrong funding decisions or missing opportunities unnecessarily – not because they aren’t smart or experienced, but because they don’t have the knowledge and experience early enough in the decision-making process to make informed decisions.

Too many good people with great ideas are missing potentially life-changing opportunities because they can’t find the right funding option. What’s more, bad funding advice is spewing all over the internet from supposedly reliable sources. This wrong and misleading information is putting people at risk of losing all of their savings, selling them on funding solutions that carry huge fees and up-front costs that do nothing but line the pockets of unscrupulous companies. Meanwhile, they’re unaware that other, better funding options are available.

Something has to change, and those of us who have the knowledge, experience and authority to influence the change have a responsibility to do so.

I’m making it my mission to better educate people about their funding options, and I encourage my colleagues to do so as well. If you’d like to brainstorm on ways we can make this happen, feel free to drop me a line at 

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