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Apply to have John Syron speak at your events. John shares a remarkable story with brilliant humor, leaving audiences with an inspiring message that encourages them to develop their 'metal' and mental toughness. He also shares his failproof system to create wealth and achieve the kind of success you might only have ever dreamed of. John believes that dreams do come true but there is no fairy godmother with a magic wand involved. Only YOU can make your dreams come true. It takes determination and hard work. He will provide the way but only you can go the way. He challenges audiences to dare and do. They come away empowered and renewed. 

Leadership Development

John Syron has created a program that dives into the needs of entrepreneurs, to arm them with vital information and provide them clear action steps to take their businesses to the next level. Participants gain a more positive mindset and leave with a desire to put their knowledge into action.

Keynote Speaking

John Syron is a skilled and powerful Keynote Speaker. He has been trained by a speech coach that is widely recognized as being one of the leading speech coaches in the world. John motivates and engages all audiences to step into their greatness, and provides them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream. His focus is on how to face and overcome obstacles and identify and take advantage of opportunities. He has charisma, warmth, and sharp sense of humor and audiences come away feeling enriched and empowered. 

Executive Coaching

John Syron has a team of professional Executive Coaches ready to assist entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to succeed. 98% of Aurelian backed companies achieve success by following John Syron's fail-proof formula, with his guidance and mentorship.